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What the Different Colours of Roses Mean & How to Pick Them?

Roses are everyone’s favourite. From deep classic reds to white & peach, yellow and pink, there are many varieties of roses & each represents different meanings. Choosing the right rose flower bouquet for the occasion will convey your thoughts to your loved one. If you ever had to buy a rose flower bouquet, know that there are many different colours to choose from, and our rose guide will help you buy the one that matches your occasion. Let’s dive in.   Classic Reds Red roses are the universal symbol of love & Valentine’s Day & the classic way of confessing to the love of your life. Different shades of red signify different degrees of love & it’s a must to pick the right shade.  Deep red roses convey desire & affection & bright red depicts romance & burgundy red symbolizes unsaid feelings to your loved one.   White Rose White roses are ideal for Mother’s day as it conveys purity, affection & innocence. They are used in baby christening functions, weddings, graduations, and even funerals.  It can also be a sign of respect or remembrance of your loved one.   Pink Rose Pink rose to convey your gratitude, appreciation, and a heartfelt thank you to someone. Just like a red rose, different shades of pink have different meanings. A dark pink shows admiration towards someone, whereas a pale pink rose bouquet, shows your gratitude & gracefulness; a medium pink rose flower bouquet is ideal for all occasions.   Yellow Rose Yellow roses are a symbol of caring & friendship and if you’re planning to someone you met, make sure they’re your friend as a yellow rose is not applicable for someone you’re romantically involved with.   Orange Rose Orange rose shows passion, excitement and a great alternative to send for someone you’re interested in. Whether it’s your crush or friendship stemmed into love or a budding relationship, orange roses are a perfect way to show your hidden feelings.   So, now that you know the different colour meanings of roses, you can choose the right rose bouquet that matches your feelings. If you want to express your feelings, order flower bouquets from The Flora Corner and for custom orders, call (03) 9973 6492 today.